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In the words of co-creator Valentina…

My Uncle Is Not Pablo Escobar the show is an ensemble piece that narrates the different stories and lives of Latinx women growing up in London. It’s the stories of 4 girls who uncover a massive drug cartel deal with a bank, HSBC and during this process we see them cry, laugh and more.

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The show highlights issues of gender, sex, identity, family, culture and more. It combines both the theatrical and the political, something rarely seen in the Latinx Community in the UK. The play can be simply described as political telenovela, with drama and laughter and all the elements of “EXTRA”. 


My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar is thrilling, saddening, comedic but most of all it provides those outside the LatinX community with insight on how multifaceted the (our) LatinX community is by breaking the stereotypes and educating through theatre. 

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Created to uplift our community and highlight all the wonderful things that make us who we are but also understanding the challenges that migrant women face. Within the show we have various slots to highlight many important campaigns that have been carried out by LatinX here in London.

We have had many wins and are still fighting for more. Check here and here.

With the support of Arts Council England and the Aziz Foundation the project had an initial research period in October 2018 and a week’s development at Theatre Deli culminating in a work-in-progress sharing in 2019. During 2020, despite the pandemic we have continued the development of the R&D online with the support of Arts Council England as well as solidifying several community and industry partners. Throughout 2021 we have continued to build partners, including a reading in the Paines Plough Roundabout in Brixton and are readying toward full production in 2022. 

To get in touch regarding partnerships please contact Daisy Hale.