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My Uncle Is Not Pablo Escobar Comes to Brixton House.

Powerful new production My Uncle is not Pablo Escobar, co-created by Valentina Andrade, Elizabeth Alvarado, Lucy Wray & Tommy Ross-Williams performing at Brixton House this summer 2023.

Photography by Emalea Jones

Co-created over the past five year and based on the activism of real-life Latinx activists from South London, MUINPE by Valentina Andrade, Elizabeth Alvarado, Lucy Wray and Tommy Ross-Williams confronts the audience with what it means to be both, Londoner and Latinx. The show takes a novel form which intercuts the high stakes story of group of young Latinx women who risk everything to to expose a multinational scandal with interruptions about dual identity and the complexities of being part of the UK’s most invisible community. More than a show, MUINPE stems from a history of activism started in The Advocacy Academy 8 years ago and has already proven the capability of arts to enact social change, being the catalyst for the arts council to add Latinx as an ethnicity - the first major institution to differ from the national census. To honour this process as both a piece of activism and art, there will be a festival of workshops and events will support the production around the venue.

As Alejandra, Lucia, Honey and Catalina risk everything to expose a multinational bank, they confront the audience with what it means to be both Londoner and Latinx.

My Uncle Is Not Pablo Escobar will be performed at Brixton House from 7th - 24th June.

Co-Created by Valentina Andrade, Elizabeth Alvarado, Lucy Wray & Tommy Ross-Williams, rooted in the lives and experiences of Valentina Andrade & Elizabeth Alvarado.

British Sign Language with Spanish Sign Language performances to be announced.

Subtitles in Spanish, English and Portuguese in every performance.

Creative Team​

Valentina Andrade – Co-Writer, Community Organiser and Festival Producer

Elizabeth Alvarado – Co-Writer and Spanish Translation

Lucy Wray – Co-Writer, Co-Director and Spanish Translation

Tommy Ross-Williams – Co-Writer, Co-Director and Showrunner

Daisy Hale – Lead Producer and Guest Performances Director

Camille Koosyial – Assistant Producer

Anna Alvarez – Trainee Producer and Associate Movement Director

Lucy Sherratt – PA to Daisy Hale

Joana Nastari – Dramaturg and Script Development

Tomás Palmer – Set and Costume Design

Roberto Esquenazi Alkabes – Lighting Design

Xavier Velastin – Sound Design

Lisa Hood – Production Manager

Thomas Ryalls – Associate Fundraiser

The production has been supported by

LatinXcluded, The Advocacy Academy, S.H.E.D, Arts Council England, The Aziz Foundation, Theatre Deli, Shoreditch Town Hall, Old Vic Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, The Royal Court, Paines Plough and Kings College London.

With thanks to past collaborators in the development of the show and its process

Camila Segal, Alice Vilanculo, Ruth O’Dowd CDG, Lily Einhorn, Gael Le Cornec, Gabriela Garcia Rivero, Zharinck Lopez Aguirre, Krishmary Ramdhun Contreras, Milla Harding Recinos, Sarah Impey, Andrea Ortiz and Vanessa Galvis.


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